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Firewood storage – keep it dry!

Effective firewood storage is crucial to ensuring optimal burning efficiency. Wet wood not only fails to ignite properly but also risks smoldering, smoking, and even rotting, rendering it useless. Maximizing the value of your investment in firewood requires proper storage techniques to keep it dry and ready for use.

While some may consider storing green wood outdoors and seasoned wood indoors for convenience, this practice is ill-advised. Indoor storage limits airflow, hindering further drying, and may invite insects and spiders into your home.

When selecting a storage location, aim to keep the wood several meters away from windows and doors to minimize the likelihood of critters finding their way indoors. Opt for a dry area with ample airflow, away from water sources such as ponds or streams.

Avoid stacking wood directly against a wall, as this impedes drying. Elevating the wood off the ground, using metal shelves or wooden posts, promotes airflow and accelerates drying.

Constructing a south-facing structure with three walls and a roof outdoors harnesses the sun’s drying power. Covering the wood with a tarpaulin during stormy weather is advisable, ensuring airflow by leaving gaps at the base.

Proper stacking is essential. For factory-cut blocks, stack them with slight gaps between each one and thin slats of wood between layers to facilitate airflow. For irregularly shaped logs, organize them stably while allowing for maximum airflow to prevent mishaps during winter.

For quality seasoned wood ready for use, rely on Finest Firewood Gloucester. Our perfectly sized firewood is delivered fully seasoned, requiring only correct storage to preserve its quality. Serving Gloucester, Stroud, Stonehouse & Forest of Dean areas, contact us to inquire about delivery to your location.

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