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How do I choose the perfect firewood?


Choosing the ideal firewood can seem daunting with the array of options available. At Finest Firewood Gloucester, we’re here to simplify the decision-making process and help you find the perfect fit for your needs. Serving Bristol, Chepstow, Forest of Dean, and nearby regions, we pride ourselves on offering locally sourced, ethically harvested firewood, meticulously seasoned for optimal performance.

Softwood or hardwood? Softwood is excellent for igniting fires due to its easy-to-light nature, making it ideal for kindling. However, it burns quickly, leaving more creosote and tar in your chimney. Conversely, hardwood, though pricier, offers longer burning times, less tar residue, and superior heat output, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

When selecting wood, it’s crucial to consider its moisture content. Naturally seasoned logs with a moisture level of under 20% are recommended for efficient burning. Properly seasoned wood, professionally dried for at least a year, ensures optimal combustion.

To guide your decision, here’s an overview of common firewood types and their properties:


  • Alder: Produces a vibrant yellow flame with substantial heat output.
  • Apple: Burns slowly with minimal smoke and decent heat.
  • Ash: Known for its high heat output and ease of chopping.
  • Beech: Dense and long-burning, requiring extended seasoning.
  • Birch: Burns rapidly and benefits from proper storage to prevent rot.
  • Cedar: Offers a therapeutic aroma and beautiful flames, though less heat.
  • Cherry: Burns hot and slow, albeit with slight spitting.
  • Elm: Generates little heat and smoke, challenging to cut.
  • Hawthorn: Burns slowly with exceptional heat output.
  • Oak: Renowned for its extended burn time and low smoke/tar emissions.
  • Yew: Burns slowly, emitting significant heat and pleasant fragrance.


  • Larch: Provides substantial heat despite being a softwood.
  • Pine: Ideal for kindling due to its aromatic resin content.
  • Spruce: Burns rapidly with crackles and sparks, unsuitable for open fires.
  • Poplar: Burns quickly with minimal coal production, primarily for kindling.

Make your firewood selection wisely to ensure efficient burning and optimal warmth. Contact us today or visit our shop to explore our range and place your order. Let Finest Firewood Bristol keep you cozy all winter long!